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Radiopharmaceutical Production Technologist

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Operates, maintains and calibrates automated and semi-automated radiopharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.
• Execute the qualification of manufacturing processes, validation protocols and manufacturing validation of clinical-grade and commercial-grade radiopharmaceuticals.
• Prepares SOPs for manufacturing/production activities and validation protocols for production processes and equipment including final reports.
• Conduct regular production of radiopharmaceuticals for clinical and commercial use according to cGMP standards.
• Initiate and author Investigations, CAPAs, Deviation and Change Control documentation as related to manufacturing and testing of radiopharmaceuticals.
• Follow and observe all radiation safety procedures. Provide related training to other staff members as required.
• Maintain a clean and safe working environment in compliance with safety and pharmaceutical regulation.
• Perform radiation safety duties in compliance with regulations.
• Efficiently comply with waste management rules and regulations.
• Ability to work various shifts
• Other duties as assigned

Qualifications Required:

• Bachelor’s degree in a scientific related discipline (e.g. Chemistry, microbiology)

Technical Skills Required:

• 3+ year experience in a commercial pharmaceutical development or manufacturing settings
• Knowledge of GMP/GLP principles
• Experience with the production of I-131 or PET radiopharmaceuticals and experience with GMP production using automated synthesis units for radiopharmaceuticals is a plus
• Knowledge of safety procedures for hazardous environment (chemical and radioactive)
• Knowledge of cGMP requirements, aseptic process (cleanroom environment), and equipment qualification required.
• Knowledge of gamma spectroscopy, liquid scintillation and gas-proportional counting instrumentation.
• Understands CMC documentation for novel compounds consistent with requirements for IND, NDA, ANDA, RDRC or other regulatory pathways.
• Experience in an environmental testing laboratory is a plus.