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Senior Director – Pricing and Market Access

The Senior Director of Pricing and Market Access will have the lead role in developing the pricing and market access strategy for Progenics’ new radio therapeutic for the treatment of metastatic and/or recurrent pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma in the U.S.  This position covers all aspects related to HCP and patient access and includes building and leading a field based Account Executive team.  Additionally, the Director will have responsibility for preparatory work as it relates to pricing and market access concerns for all products in the Progenics’ pipeline.


  • Oversee the development of the overall Access strategy, inclusive of distribution, support services, pricing and reimbursement
  • Build and lead a field based Account Executive team facilitating access for a variety of customer types
  • Provide input into Company development programs and informing of pricing and market access potential across disease states (across all stages of lifecycle development)
  • Identify payer needs (unmet medical need, suitable comparators and competitive space) and anticipate their reaction to Company’s lifecycle products
  • Execute plan to address identified gaps through HEOR studies, publications, messaging and influencing.
  • Develop product value proposition and steering the development/updating of the product value repositories (Health Economic model, value story, commercial toolkit).
  • Identify relevant and commercially attractive assets (including price potential) in the product pipeline in terms of a value proposition as well as the market need compared to existing or upcoming therapeutic alternatives in the respective indications.
  • Commission and prepare health economic & outcomes research analyses necessary for reimbursement submissions and competitive messaging.
  • Collaborate with legal, regulatory, and compliance stakeholders to ensure compliant development and execution of access initiatives

Skills/Knowledge/Experience Required:

  • Has an in-depth understanding of payers and their perspective in the key worldwide markets, as well trends in pricing & reimbursement.
  • Demonstrated experience of orphan and/or hospital administered products and knowledgeable of how these classifications can impact access strategies.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of in-hospital administration economic factors (i.e. DRG)
  • Has a solid scientific background enabling the assessment of trial design impact on payer strategies and the ability to challenge clinical development or medical affairs or other relevant stakeholders.
  • Has an ability to interpret and critique clinical study protocols, as well as identifying relevant clinical endpoints and conducting outcomes research in the early phases of clinical trial development.
  • Has an established and extensive network of payer contacts (pricing, reimbursement, policy, insurance) and KOLs.
  • Has competitive intelligence, identifies early opportunities and threats in the market and creates solutions to benefit from opportunities and to disarm threats.
  • Has ability to identify key product advantages in the context of market requirements and provides key ideas for developing individual value stories around Company’s products.
  • Can effectively liaise with medical affairs, R&D and commercial teams, creating an efficient working style within a diverse organizational matrix.
  • Preferably has multi-year experience with health authorities, governmental economists and reimbursement agencies, hospital administrators and health care insurance companies’ general management, acquired at pharmaceutical companies, sickness funds, physician associations or health care consultancy companies.

Competencies Required:

  • Ideally has ~10-15 years experience in the health care field, including significant experience in pricing, reimbursement, outcomes research or health economics, in the pharmaceutical areas of oncology and/or orphan disease or other innovative and complex treatments.
  • Have experience with hospital-based products, specifically radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Have graduate level (Master or higher) training in economics or an analytical commercial discipline.
  • Displays excellent business English skills, with first-rate communication abilities.
  • Have strong influencing/negotiation skills and the ability to work at peer-level with experienced technical and commercial experts in other departments.
  • Displays business confidence to constructively challenge marketing and clinical colleagues.
  • Have excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills, with the ability to communicate complex or technical content in a convincing way to non-technical audiences.
  • Is a flexible team member with a positive attitude and the ability to prioritize projects.
  • Is experienced and adept at navigating international, multi-lingual, and cross-functional organizational matrices within a diverse and cross-cultural work environment.
  • Is experienced in managing multiple projects simultaneously and delivering results in a timely manner.